Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Lower Middle Syndicate Cross Country Race 2017

Waiting at the start of our
Cross Country Event. Thanks to
Shavarnah for all the great photos
she took. 
Jasmine racing in at the end.
Bella came 5th Year 3 Girls.

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Eddie came 6th in the Year 4 Boys

Daniel came 7th place Year 4 Boys.

Jesse felt puffed but
pleased with himself.

Jason felt exhausted at the end.

Kaleb had a good race.

Kaiyah was pleased with his run.

Go Connor!!
We were all so proud of him.

Feeling proud of ourselves at the end!

Yay! We did it! We are all Champions!
Congratulations Room 11! 

On the 16th May we had a very challenging Cross Country. Mrs Winton took us to the basketball court and we sat down in two lines where our class number was. When the event was nearly starting my heart was beating really fast. I was very nervous. 
Mr Ayers took the Year 3's and Mrs Winton took the Year 4's.
The girls from Year 3 went first then the Year 3 boys flew like a bull out of a gate!!!
After the long run we sat down in a line again. The girls from Year 4 started to run and MacyLee was as fast as a rocket. She nearly flew in the air.
Finally the Year 4 Boys flew off!!!!! 
After the Cross Country I was sweating like I had just finished boxing! (hahahah!!)   By Bill   Room 11
On Tuesday the 16th May the L.M.S. had their Cross Country. Rooms 9, 10,11,12 and 13 ran in it. 
All the Year 4's were lining up waiting for Mrs Winton to take us to our starting line and Mr Ayers took the Year 3's to their starting line.
I was nervous but luckily I ran with Tasman. Mr Ayers said "Ready, set, go!" I ran as fast as the wind until I was half way there.
When Tasman and I got to the finish line we were exhausted.
We didn't get a placing but luckily we believed in ourselves.  
By Jason Room 11

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