Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Marbles in the Jar Class Party

Thanks to Everyone who bought in yummy food today.
We had a fun and well deserved Class Party to celebrate
All our Marbles in the Jar.

There was a wonderful selection.

Followed by some dancing!
Happy Holidays Room 11
It has been a Fantastic and Super Busy
Term 3.
is very proud of you all.

End of Term Reading Plays

Room 11 were awesome on Tuesday morning
performing their Reading Plays in front of an
audience. It was a full house!

Belladonna the Witch who
loses her wand.

The Red Hen who tricks the
Silly Crocodiles.

Watch Out are
being tricked!

Sing Your Heart Out!

A Better Life. There's a devious
plan being hatched in the kitchen but
it just might back fire!

Apologies to the performers in
Anything is photos were taken
during your fantastic fabulous performance!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Our Speech & Poetry Competition Finalists

Congratulations to our Room 11
Speech & Poetry Competition Finalists.
Good Luck on Thursday at our Lower Middle Syndicate Competition.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Writing & Art Today in Room 11

Joe publishing his Te Reo Book  
Ashlee & Kaiden working together
on their Te Reo book about animals.

Eddie and Nathan busy with their
book on Maori Numbers.

Everyone in action as they complete
this week's Maori Language Week
Te Reo Book for Juniors.
Calendar Art in the making. This year's
theme in Room 11 is penguins.

Ka Pai Ruma 11.
You Rock!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Antarctic Centre Trip Report Writing

Yesterday the Lower Middle Syndicate went to the Antarctic Centre.

My favourite things were going in the Ice Room and going in the Penguin Teddy Room. 

Jesse geared up as an Explorer because if you go to Antarctica without the proper clothing you will freeze to death.

When I counted the penguins there were 18 penguins. Emperor Penguins are the largest penguins on earth.

By James G

On Tuesday 5th September the Lower Middle Syndicate and I went to....The Antarctic Centre because our Inquiry is on Poles Apart.

When we got there we saw footsteps and a penguin. First we went to a bowl that told us about Antarctica. 
Next Jesse got to get dressed into what you would wear if you were an explorer in Antarctica. If you do not wear the right clothes you may freeze to death.

Then we got to explore. After that we went to the Storm Room. We had to wear these plastic bags on our feet/

Last we went to see the penguins they have. They smelt like fish because the eat fish and poo fish!

I really enjoyed the Storm Room because if had real snow.

By Caitlin E

Monday, 4 September 2017

Photos from our Antarctic Centre Visit Today

Jesse getting dressed up as an
Antarctic Explorer.

The gloves have sheepskin wool
on the outside for wiping your runny nose!

We had the opportunity to
try on some warm
Antarctic gear.

Samples of food you might
take to the Antarctic to eat.

Anyone for a ride?

An Emperor Penguin..nearly
the same height as Kaiyah. 

About the same height
as Tyler is at the moment.

Check the next photo to see
what Emma was looking at.

Our classroom session.
Mrs Winton was very impressed
with Room 11's sharing of Antarctic
and Arctic facts.

Putting on our shoe covers for
the Antarctic Weather Experience Room.

Brrr!! When it got stormy it got
very dark, loud, windy and cold.
We huddled together like penguins
to keep warm.

Real Penguins being looked
after at the Antarctic Centre.

We experienced a quick plane
ride to the Antarctic before heading
back to school.