Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Antarctic Centre Trip Report Writing

Yesterday the Lower Middle Syndicate went to the Antarctic Centre.

My favourite things were going in the Ice Room and going in the Penguin Teddy Room. 

Jesse geared up as an Explorer because if you go to Antarctica without the proper clothing you will freeze to death.

When I counted the penguins there were 18 penguins. Emperor Penguins are the largest penguins on earth.

By James G

On Tuesday 5th September the Lower Middle Syndicate and I went to....The Antarctic Centre because our Inquiry is on Poles Apart.

When we got there we saw footsteps and a penguin. First we went to a bowl that told us about Antarctica. 
Next Jesse got to get dressed into what you would wear if you were an explorer in Antarctica. If you do not wear the right clothes you may freeze to death.

Then we got to explore. After that we went to the Storm Room. We had to wear these plastic bags on our feet/

Last we went to see the penguins they have. They smelt like fish because the eat fish and poo fish!

I really enjoyed the Storm Room because if had real snow.

By Caitlin E

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