Friday, 30 June 2017

PLAYS Week Congrats to all Room 11 students. You were all STARS!

Eddie welcomes our audience.
Mums, Dads and Grandparents.
Chelsey introduces her play.

Who can help get Elephant
 out of the squelchy mud?
Caitlin H saves the day!

Saving Planet Stripe

Who can Grandma & Devo
call on to help Save their Planet?

Oh no! What can Kaiden see!

Was the Wizard able to help??

The Working Holiday

Grandma sends the children to bed early.
But Grandma...."It's the Holidays!!"

Grandma Ashlee & Grandpa Tyson
kept their grandchildren busy
in the garden.

In the end the grandchildren
really enjoyed the jobs they were given.

Frog School with Professor Hunt!

What are the frogs going
to learn today?

Snake!!! Help! Scatter Everyone!
Oh no Professor Hunt gets eaten by
the snake!

Not So Fast!
The Weirdest Olympics Ever!

Our clever Commentators

Coach Jason gives Sam & Terry
last minute words of advice.
"Go SLOW!"

They're Off!!

And the winner was ..... Nathan!
The slowest competitor in town!
Too bad you fell asleep Terry Tortoise!
Awesome Work Room 11.

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  1. Wasn't able to make it but Bellas Grandparents said it was awesome!