Thursday, 16 November 2017

LMS Room 11 Athletic Reports By Tyson C & Bella

On Tuesday the 14th of November the Lower Middle Syndicate had Athletics Day. There were six activities. There was discus, shot put, hurdles, long jump, high jump, sprints and relays.

The first activity we did was the discus then we went to shotput. After lunch we did hurdles then high jump, then long jump. 

After the last play we went to sprints and relays. After all of that running we got an iceblock.

I got to go early with my dad. I loved Athletics Day. It was amazing and incredible.

By Room 11 Reporter Bella

On Tuesday the 15th of November 2017 the Lower Middle Syndicate had Athletics. 

My class went to discus. We all did well. I mostly got a 3. Next we went to shot put. The ball was heavy so I got a 2 but that was fine.

Then it was lunch time. First we had something to eat. Then went to hurdles. I came 1st place but in the practise I came 2nd place but that didn't bother me.

Then we went to the high jump. First we started low and then higher and higher and then it was so high I fell down. I still had fun and then we went to the long jump. It was so easy to get a 3. So I got 3's every time I jumped.

Last of all was sprints and relays. First it was sprints. I came 2nd and then it was relays and my team won!!!

It was a great day and I had fun. Kaiden and I got 2nd equal. I can't wait until next year.

By Room 11 Reporter Tyson C

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  1. Fabulous writing Bella and Tyson. Sounds like another fun day at Belfast School