Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Our Inquiry trip to Wigram Air Force Museum

We had an interesting day of
learning at the
Wigram Air Force Museum as part
of our Inquiry topic on
Inventors & Inventions.

Chris took us through the
History of Flight.

We learnt about parts of a plane
while putting them altogether
to make a plane.

Xavier helped us a lot.

We made our own planes.

As soon as we get a fine day
we will try flying them.

We learnt about how to
jump out of a plane safely.

It was a fun and informative
day out. 


Air Force Museum Trip!

On Tuesday, Rooms 8,11 and half of Room 9 travelled by bus to the Air Force Museum. When we got there we met Chris the Education Manager also known as “A Teacher”.
We then had morning tea. We had a scavenger hunt to look for Fighter Jets from the R.A.F. in 1940 to 1948.
We then had a tour after lunch. We jumped out of a R.A.F. Jumbo Jet. We saw a big cargo R.A.F. plane and I saw the cockpit.
We also made paper planes. The trip was so we could learn how Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the plane in 1903.
By Archie Cole

Wigram Air Force Museum Trip

Yesterday Room 11 went to the wonderful Air Force Museum. 
We traveled by a big blue bus.
When we got to the very big Air Force Museum we were amazed.
When we got to the museum Chris introduced himself. Then we had our crunchy morning tea. I really liked it. It was delicious.
Then we went to see some planes. Some of the planes you could hop into them.
Then we went on the hunt but my team didn’t so we just had fun and enjoyed ourselves.
We went to the class and built a cardboard plane then we went downstairs for lunch.
Then we went back to school.
By Evie Banks

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