Friday, 9 March 2018

L.M.S. Swimming Sports Thursday 8 March 2018

Swimming Sports
When we were getting ready it was just beautiful and hot and sunny. It was warm in the pool. We did races. We swam fast. It was fun. We had an iceblock. There were seven events.
By Jacob

L.M.S. Swimming Sports
Yesterday the Lower Middles Syndicate had swimming sports. The weather was amazing!
There were 7 events. I did only two events. They were number six and five which were backstroke and freestyle. Mrs Lynskey used x2 wooden planks. She clapped them together and then we would race.
The seven events were 1. running across the pool 2.Starfish 3.Kickboards 4.Streamlining 5.Freestyle 6.Backstroke 7.A length of freestyle.
Everyone got an iceblock. It was lemonade.
After we had our iceblock all the classes lined up on the sides of the pool and jumped in at the same time and had free play in the pool.
It was a fantastic afternoon!
By Sebastian

L.M.S. Swimming Sports
Yesterday it was swimming sports. It was very hot yesterday and  sunny.
There were 7 events. I was in 4 and 3. We had an iceblock at the end.
Harper was in 4 and 2. 5 was freestyle and 4 streamlining and 3 kickboards.
At the end we had free time in the pool.
By Payton

L.M.S Swimming Sports!

Yesterday the L.M.S. had their Swimming Sports. It was a fabulous day and we were so lucky to have it.
I did freestyle, back strike and the length of the pool. It was amazing. All the other events I didn't do like run across the pool, star fish and streamlining.
It was burning hot. There was a lot of parents there. I saw Ariana's dad, Harper's mum and Kaiden's mum and Isabella's mum.
I almost came 1st in the length.
At the end we had an iceblock and we had a BIG JUMP!
By Shylah

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