Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wednesday's Wheels Day

Well Done to our 4 boys who
wheeled to school today
either by bike or scooter 

Wheels and Walkers! Well Done Guys!

Although Mrs Winton didn't bike to school
on Wednesday she did go for a bike
ride on Friday. Totally AWESOME fun!
Here's some writing we did after checking out our scooters and bikes on Wednesday......

Today at Belfast School it is Wheels Day!
At my house I have a lot of things we can ride like hovaboards, a scooter bike. Usually me and my dad go on our hoverboards and go around the block. My hoverboard's colour is rainbow. I usually go on my bike with my whole family, My bike is a BMX. The colour is pink, green and white. My scooter I go with mum. The colour of my scooter is pink purple.
These are my favourite ride things. I walked today with Ariana.
By Shylah

Today at Belfast School is Wheels Day. I got my photo taken by Mrs Winton. Room 11 clapped as we walked past.
By Xavier

On Wednesday it is Wheels Day. I walked to school with mum and Boston. It was fun.
I have a pink bike and I have a pink scooter and a pink helmet. I love my bike and scooter. I got my scooter when I turned 5 and it took a lot of wrapping paper.
By Harper

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